10.13.2020 Sir Armadillo

My stepdad challenged that I draw him an Armadillo as a knight of sorts because of the “armor” that Armadillos have naturally. He challenged that I did it in a day, so this is what I came up with:

Starting with the sketch, I drew out what I wanted the pose to look like and how the anatomy would work. I referenced an image of a real Armadillo to help with proportions. Keeping the initial knight aspect, I decided to add a feather to his head and have him wield a sword ready for action.

I studied this image and took color samples for when I started to finalize the piece. Features like the stubby feet and the long nose really helped in figuring out how to position him.

Making the sketch layer have a softer opacity, I began to draw over my lines with the colors I sampled. I tried to stay true to the design and patterns of the Armadillo by giving him a pink nose, bubbly armor, and a narrow, snake-like eye. The piece is incomplete, but this is what I’ve done so far!

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